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For an hour and a half every weekday, our main goal is to help you buy, trade and sell your stuff. Biz-Baz is short for Bizarre Bazaar and has been a Florida Keys mainstay for many many years. It is sort of like browsing through the classifieds only on the radio. It's also like going to the flea market, but the flea market comes to you.

It's on Mon-Fri from 9am to 10:30am with Leigha Fox and Tiny. Not only can you buy, sell and trade, you can also tell us about your non profit event or benefit. No business advertisements unless you talk to our sales department first and sorry... we can't do guns, weapons, or real estate/rent estate of any kind. Call 305.872.2699....or download your item (s) right here on US1 radio. To add an item to our Bizarre Bazzar. Click Here *once you post your items to here you will NOT be able to edit them or take them down.

Till next time, Have a biz-baz tic day!!!

Bazaar Items for August 17, 2013

Kenmore dryer
Super capacity, great shape, $75.00

2010 American Hovercraft, 9 passenger
Fully amphibious hovercraft are propelled by air screws (propellers) and are supported by a 8" cushion of air retained within a flexible structure. Once on "hover" the body of the Hovercraft is lifted and there is no hard structure contact with the surface being transited. It can reach speeds of 50 to 60 mph, hover over land, or water, and float when stopped. Over relatively smooth and level surfaces, sea or land, the flexible structure and cushion of air provides a very low friction interface, consequently fast stable speeds and direct routes can be achieved. Pilots with basic instructions can experience safe, fun and memorable flights over water or any flat surface. View my web site at: - - watch Hover Riders on Utube. original price - $22,500, Tilt 2 axel trailer for sale - $1500 Call me Andris Bors at : 267 864 7592 Delivery can be arranged by seller. Call me Andris Bors at : 267 864 7592
Andris Bors
267 864 7592

Electric Dryer Needed
I am in need of a working electric dryer, Big Pine area. I can pick up and will pay a reasonable amount.

I have 2-$2000 certificates for spalling repair by Royal Crest Builders that I bought on the previous US1 radio auction. I am asking $1000 for both. Call 305 747 9279
Byron Doane